31 OCT, 2017

Amica Whincop Fine Art

Collectors often express that Amicas work produces a mesmerising, meditative and calming response to their surroundings.

The Queensland artists engages a wide audience here in Australia and internationally, including those who often disassociate with abstract art.

Though her work is purely abstract, our intuition recognises a visual language that mimics the currents of the ocean, natural formations of the earth, a flower in new bloom or the patterns of precious stone.

“I am continually moved – towards beauty, elegance, imperfection, complexity – but also simplicity – and the natural state of things. The beautiful chaos that is life and the spaces in between"

It is a constant effort to find balance amidst the unpredictability and chaos of life. Nature becomes the place I turn to where the chaos becomes calm and the contradictions find balance. My art-making reflects this constant search to capture the beauty, tranquillity, and balance inspired by the rhythms and energy of the natural world. The mystery and the wonder that emerges within the natural world are sources of endless inspiration.

My process starts with spontaneous drips, pours, and washes on canvas using water-based paints and inks. My own fluid movements work in harmony with the fluidity of the materials. I utilize water, gravity, and air pressure to create colour and texture that evoke natural processes and formations. Once I create a rich under-painting, I decide what needs to stay and what needs to go. Using white paint, I work intuitively to mask out areas that feel distracting or unnecessary. This process is an act of letting go. The result allows beautiful new forms to emerge that float in a soothing, meditative space.

In truth, the under-painting is still there, as in life, we can only escape the noise and find balance by focusing our attention on what really matters and becoming present. ⋒