25 MAR, 2017

Nicole Voevodin-Cash

I am a Landscape Artist...a geographer, a visual anthropologist and an environmental and behavioral researcher who develops social places, sculpturaly. (try saying that six times quickly)

I am interested in the nature of human behavior and experience, especially how we interact and engage with our world, through the senses and through parody. The thesis of her work is ‘INTERACTION’ as a sculptural strategy based on the ongoing series of ‘SHAPED by BEHAVIOUR’, that in turn has created various series of ‘pocket parks’, ‘mounges’, ‘shaped trees’, ‘LANDscans’, ‘LANDrawings’, Kinetic drawing and most recently Walking with intent!

Her works crosses a wide range of disciplines producing permanent, temporary and ephemeral works for public and gallery spaces.She is unbounded by the white walls of a gallery and the vastness of outdoor spaces and flouts the normal conventions by which we produce and engage with art.

She says of her work ‘I merge art, architecture and landscape in the production of my work and strive to develop a new way of thinking that ties ecological and green art, social and environmental practices into a new artworld ‘ism’ for the 21 century. ‘