10 OCT, 2016

Western Desert Art Movement

Bringing beautiful Aboriginal art works by internationally renown artists from the red centre of Australia to the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland.

WDAM has a dream to have a Aboriginal art gallery which has something more to offer than just beautiful investment masterpieces for your home or business.

WDAM wants to bring the Aboriginal culture in the lime light on the Sunshine Coast and get people to have a better understanding about the history and the different cultures. Painting art is a way they express their ancestral dreaming which has been past down from generation to generation, Many pieces are bold, beautiful, colourful, earthly and hold a representation to their elders of their family and tell a story.

WDAM are trying to be able to bring world renown artists from the Western Desert regions to hold workshops for school children and other public groups to teach them about their art, culture, history and show respect for the original custodians of this land.

We would love your ongoing support to make WDAM's dream a reality, Please stop by say hello and check out the newest gallery on the block 100% dedicated to Indigenous Australians..

Lets all make a difference.

Thank you

Kelvin Evans