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19 AUG, 2018


Book your free ticket to attend the second annual Sunshine Coast Open House Panel Discussion and hear from four leading Sunshine Coast Architects who have made their names stand out through good design for our community.

Their work is of enormous value to their clients, and has become part of our Sunshine Coast community’s brand. Speakers include Kerry Clare, Jo Case, Phil Smith and Dr Phillip Daffara.

Architecture is a discipline combining art, science, commerce and law. The Architects Institute of Australia Code of Conduct states that members are “dedicated to the advancement of architecture through involved and innovative practice, with the aim of raising the quality of the environment and, consequently, the quality of life.” At times, these architects have worked beyond the limits of fees to provide ethics of service and quality that could not be paid for. It is work that sometimes teeters in the zone between “pro bono” and “for good”. Even the smallest project provides disproportionate value to community and clients.

When an architect works for a community organisation, they are often taking on a design program for a committee of people and for the public at large. A common theme inArchitecture for Community is a simplicity, restraint and subtle understanding of place and space that comes after a great deal of hard work by clients and architects to find an accountable solution that is sometimes a compromise.

This discussion will examine how architects can provide value to society through creative thinking and problem solving that goes beyond buildings for community, and can provide usability and delight whilst positively influencing our understanding of place.

Following the panel discussion, refreshments will be served.

Sunshine Coast Health Institute - 6 Doherty Street, Birtinya, Queensland 4560

Image 1: Stella Maris Catholic Church // Deicke Richards // Cathy Schusler Photography