Catherine Hutton is a Sunshine Coast based business professional. She has had a many varied career.

She currently owns her own business as a licensed Finance Broker and has worked in the finance sector for the last 19 years.10 years of that for a major corporation before commencing her own business.

The previous 15 years were spent working in the Travel & Tourism management industry in South Australia.

Catherine moved to the Sunshine Coast in early 2007 and became involved in SCCA as a catalyst for the SCC program set up by Noosa Council.

She lives on small acreage in the Noosa hinterland and is passionate about sustainability and home grown concepts. She is surrounded by a husband and children who are all musicians/artists in their own rights. Catherine is also a very keen amateur artist who has always spent her leisure time exploring different creative mediums, mainly in the textile, painting & design areas.

She feels that she brings to the SCCA the ability to have the emotions and empathy of a creative but the knowledge and experience of a successful business operator, especially in understanding how the high corporate and finance worlds work.